Hormone medicines for women

Hormonal medicines for women including https://pillintrip.com/medicine/oralcon are synthetic medicines that help replenish hormone deficiencies and restore balance. Nowadays, these are fairly common medications that are prescribed in a variety of clinical situations. Although many people mistakenly believe that such drugs cause a huge number of side effects, and their reception is not justified by anything, so they refuse this type of therapy.

Hormones for women and their significance
Hormones are biologically active substances that are formed in different organs and are involved in all processes of life. There are about 70 types of hormones that are in constant balance and form the hormonal background. Existing balance in women may be changed by internal and external factors: unbalanced nutrition, incorrect lifestyle, bad habits, chronic diseases, infection, parasites, cancer, age, etc.

In turn, hormonal imbalance leads to the development of negative symptoms and various diseases that greatly affect quality of life and ability to work. Quite often menstrual and reproductive function is disrupted, depression appears, the condition of the skin, hair and nails deteriorates, fatigue, weakness and other signs develop. Therefore, a qualified specialist prescribes hormonal for women, but it is worth noting that their independent reception is inadmissible.

First, the doctor conducts a thorough examination of the body, and then selects the most effective and safe drug. In most cases, when prescribing hormones for women, patients begin to panic and refuse them. The main task of the specialist is to explain to the patient the purpose of the therapy, the possible results and the possibility of side effects, as well as to tell about the problems that may develop in the absence of the necessary treatment.