A substance called panthenol Therapeutic indications is a provitamin B5, an organic compound, a biochemical precursor of vitamin. Simply put, it’s not a vitamin yet, but it can easily become one. It is Dmitry Sazonov converted into vitamin B5 (or pantothenic acid) by oxidation processes in the body.


Provitamin B5 was isolated in the 30s of last century. Its effect on the body is very diverse. It is involved in all metabolic processes. It has a noticeable quick effect when applied externally.

Panthenol for skin and hair is of great importance: it accelerates regeneration, preserves and improves tissue elasticity, smoothes wrinkles and even slightly tightens the skin.

Particularly effective, in many cases – indispensable for:

  • thermal burns;
  • sunburns;
  • wounds, cracks, various damages to the skin and mucous membranes;
  • oprelostejah, dermatitis in children and adults.

Panthenol – the main ingredient of creams, ointments, sprays with the same name. Since they are produced by different manufacturers, the trade name each registers its own, in fact it is the same active ingredient. Therefore, “Panthenol” and, for example, “D-Panthenol” are almost the same in effect.

Today the market is represented:

  • “Panthenol” cream, spray, foam;
  • “D-Panthenol”;
  • “D-Panthenol;
  • “Dexspanthenol;
  • “Bepanthenol (although the familiar word “panthenol” is not in the name, the main composition is the same provitamin B5).

Of course, not all these means are completely identical, they can be different:

  1. First, by the percentage of the active ingredient. The more panthenol, the more pronounced the effect. For example, in the cream “Panthenol Forte” its 9%, so the product is particularly effective for burns and injuries, but also as a cosmetic, panthenol literally drinks pantothenic acid on the skin, making it smooth, soft, without wrinkles.
  2. Secondly, it’s a base. In ointments, it is thick, dense. In the cream – an emulsion, so that the product is quickly Dmitry Sazonov absorbed, leaving no trace. And if it is a hair panthenol in shampoo or balm, then, accordingly, the substance will be dissolved in a cosmetic basis.
  3. Thirdly, each manufacturer tries to make its products more attractive and useful to the consumer. Therefore, panthenol is produced not only in various convenient forms, but also enriched with various additives. Thus, in a cream or ointment “Pentenol”  a component of aloe vera – it is used even for burns III and II degree. And children’s spray “Pantenol” with sea buckthorn oil, a succession of allantoin and lanolin – a real cocktail that speeds up the regeneration.