Post-vaccination complications: vaccine-associated poliomyelitis

Vaccine-associated poliomyelitis occurs both in vaccinated extremely rarely – on the 3rd administration of OPV (from 5-7 to 36 days after vaccination), and in previously unvaccinated individuals who have been in contact with vaccinated OPV (up to 60 days after contact). has no influence whatsoever.

Frequency 1 per 3.5 million doses per 3rd administration.

Therefore, the first two vaccine injections in our country are carried out with non-live polio vaccines.

Flaccid paresis and paralysis are characterized by persistence, residual effects and are accompanied by characteristic electromyographic data.

The main cause of VAPP is congenital humoral immunodeficiency in vaccinated patients or close contact of unvaccinated patients with OPV vaccinated.

Therefore, their separation is carried out in kindergartens.