Slot Machine Analysis: The Flinstones

Since its debut on television in 1960, The Flintstones has made numerous firsts. It was the very first animated television show to air on prime time in the United States. This show first aired on television from September 30, 1960, all the way through April 1, 1966. Anyone who has seen the show knows that it follows a Stone Age guy and his family as they navigate the challenges of everyday life. During its three decades on television, the show was the most lucrative cartoon franchise on any network. It wasn’t until The Simpsons came along many years later that it really took off. Online slot games would be incomplete without a Flintstones-themed option. And now there is, all thanks to Playtech! All your favorite characters are here, right in the middle of Bedrock!

Stone Age or Stone Age People?

You can play the game’s main design on a grid with five reels and four rows. As a result, the interface is a little bit more robust than what you’d get in most online slot games. These reels also house the many symbols that can be used in the game. We’ll start with the most common ones: letters A through Q. The family’s stone telephone is displayed beside the other household object. Character icons for Wilma and Betty, Barney and Fred, and the rest of the gang are included in the game as well. You may also see three more icons, but these are the ones that actually do something useful.

In addition to the captivating visuals, Playtech has included 1,024 possibilities for players to win in the game. There is nothing you can do to alter this. The amount you bet per spin, though, is something you may adjust. Simply use the plus and minus buttons in the bottom left to adjust the coin value. The smallest payment is £0.01, and it can go as high as £1. This means that you can potentially risk up to £40 per spin. A ‘Turbo Mode’ button is also available, which quickens the reel spins. An ‘Auto Play’ feature is also available for use.

Come to Bedrock and Check Out the Deals!

This game is an attempt to mimic the craziness of the The Flintstones television series. It accomplishes this by featuring a wide range of expertise, kicked off with a crazy icon. Dino, the household dog, is a living example of this. The wild substitutes for all other symbols to complete winning combinations. Only the bonus and free-play icons are exempt from this regulation. There is a maximum payout of £1,000 available if five Dino symbols appear on an active pay line.

There is a bonus symbol on the reels, as we’ve already mentioned. Fred’s bowling ball is shown here knocking down a few pins. The ‘Bedrock Bowling Bonus’ game is activated when this appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. In this segment, you and Fred will hit the lanes in search of awesome prizes. All you have to do to get money is bowl in the style of your choice and get a strike to earn an extra turn.

The game also has a ‘Rocky Ride’ mode. This can happen at any time during a regular game spin. This causes a wheel above the reels to spin, revealing a win multiplier as it goes. Then, Fred and Barney toss unknown symbols onto the reels, which transform into identical icons and award prizes.

The icon for free games is the Stone Age home from The Flintstones. If this appears on reels 2, 3, or 4, it triggers one of three different kinds of free spins. The ‘Wilma Wild Free Games’ feature is available. For the next five free spins, Wilma will pick up all wild symbols on the reels. Then, for the final ultraspin, they will all start populating the reels. Choose the ‘Dino Multiplier Free Games’ tab. You’ll receive 10 free spins, and on any of them, Dino will scavenge for bones. The more bones he finds, the better his odds of winning. ‘The Great Gazoo Free Games’ is the final segment. You’ll get 12 free spins and Gazoo will randomly substitute wild symbols for others.

Closing Statement

There is nothing wrong with this game at all. The visuals are top-notch, the game maintains a fascinating central topic, there are fun supplementary elements, and the gameplay is flawless.






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